lauren emmerson



nike 11-ON trophy

a regional football tournament trophy

The Product

This project is courtesy of GLGR, I was the lead designer on this project. 11-On is a regional football tournament hosted by each of the 32 NFL Football teams for their respective regional highschool teams. Nike requested 64 trophies, two for each team.


pylon image
pylon image


For this project we decided to design the trophy based off of an end zone pylon, using orange glow plex and stainless steel. Initial prototypes had free standing glow plex sheets, but we found it to be too unstable for its size. After a few iterations, I designed the final glow plex structure that has support on the top and bottom. This also allowed for easier epoxying of the glow plex box to the stainless steel frame.


pylon image
pylon image
pylon image